Location – History:

The town of Preveza is a small picturesque seaside town at the south of northwest region of Greece, called Epirus.

It is a beautiful place, at an interesting location with rich history whose remains are everywhere: Castles, ancient cities, temples, fortresses, ports, walls, aqueducts, in a beautiful scenery of endless beaches to rocky mountains of the magnificent and historical area of Epirus!

Just like the entire Greece, the craddle of civilization, Preveza is no exeption, with first traces of human activity taking us back to 100.000 the area of Filippiada.

There are indications that Preveza was used as a port for king Pyrros During Helenistic years while in classical years several ancient cities were developing nearby: ancient Kassopi, Vereniki, Vouchetion.

During Roman occupation (after168 B.C) and following the victory of Octavianus Augustus against Cleopatra and Mark Atonius in the famous blttle of Aktio (31 B.C), the ancient Nicopolis was founded, whose archaeological remains are everywhere. Today’s city of Preveza was founded in the11th century as a fishing village and was threatened many times by Normands, Venecians, Albanians,Francs and Turks who occupied the area in 1449. For the next three centuries the area was under either Turkish or Venecian occupation, then occupied by the Venetians until 1797 when it was occupied by the French only to be occupied again by the Turks the following year. Preveza was liberated by the Greek army in 21st of October 1912.

Todays Preveza is a flourishing town with population of about 20000 ,and is becoming a favorite destination for visitors of the area.

Places to visit:

The port and nearby lanes

Agios Thomas of Preveza

Recreational forest of Monolithi

Archaeological museum of Nicopolis (Ioanninon Avenue)  

Ancient Nicopolis: Octavian’s theatre

Ancient Kassopi (Kamarina)

Zaloggo monument

Agios Dimitrios Monastery

Acheron river and Necromanteion

Estuary of Louros river (Delta), Μιχαλίτσι

Kyani Akti (blue bay beach) Preveza   

Monolithi beach Preveza

Alonaki beach Preveza

Kastrosykia beach (Kastrosykia)

Kanali beach (Kanali)

Lygia beach (Lygia)

Ziros lake

Parga: Castles, beaches, hills and sea in wonderful Parga and Valtos.

Lefkas: Endless beaches with crystal clear waters in the wonderful island of Lefkas.

Ioannina: Tall mountains, lakes rivers and gorges in Epiru’s historical capital.

And of course the rest of ETERNAL GREECE is waiting for you to discover!

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